Cartier Love Bracelet -Introduction

Cartier Love Bracelet is a famous piece of Jewelry design by Aldo Cipullo (1969) for the French jeweler Cartier SA.
As you can see from the pictures of love barcelet cartier (at the left) it comes with a tiny screwdriver to bolt it onto the wrist.
It's also unique than others traditional bracelets. Aldo Cipullo design it differs from others where it can only be opened using a special screwdriver that is also supplied with every bracelet.

Pssstt.. Do you know? The screwdriver is also available in the form of a necklace, which it allowing the bracelet to be locked onto 1 person while the key(screwdriver) is kept around the neck of another as a symbol for committed relationship. :)

I love it! Do you? ^_^


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